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LevelEDup Magazine at LTC

LevelEDup is a project completed while at the LTC. This magazine is a repository of all the LTC does and includes resources created by my team while working for the LTC! I created the Logo, branding, and layout design of the magazine and chose the content blocks. My content marketing specialist wrote most of the copy with the help of the team at LTC.



I build high-level campaigns from the ground up using HubSpot. These omnichannel marketing campaigns include creating cost-effective, on-time, high-quality designs and copy. Samples shown below. Usual materials include social posts, flyers, event materials, etc.


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My Role at the LTC:

As the Marketing and Communications Manager at the learning technology center, I create templates and reusable systems, interactive documents, and more to empower the staff to create high-quality assets, promotions, and videos. I am an adobe creative suite expert (illustrator photoshop, aftereffects, etc.), quick to learn upcoming technology and design software (ex Canva).

I can design your campaigns, create artwork, take photos and videos and promote your brand online. I have the experience to meet you where you are in the process of marketing automation and personalized messaging.

At Learning Technology Center, I am on the conference committee and help to put on the 1000-person statewide conference. Including landing pages, registration, graphic elements, larger-than-life displays, and more. I have started KPI tracking and analytics in addition to launching five corporate WordPress websites as a professional and three personally in the last three years.