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Topics: Pottery

In our desire to get quick, easy, fast, and simple, we have forgotten that our homes can have organic lines, curves, and decoration that are pleasing and can help in our ever decreasing home size just as well as the plastic, oil built devices. I want to explore forgotten vessels and their use while modernizing.

As water, fire, and wind take more and more from humanity, the elements give back within pottery, and it remains strong. Ceramics can be reused and restored when plastic melts into a new layer of the earth’s crust. Grind potsherds into grog for a new clay batch or create concrete tiles from the forms that were not to be, reuse the skimmed water on a reclaim bucket. Reuse the clay that didn’t become anything to give the clay another chance to become something in the hands of a maker.


This website and branding is for my personal ceramics projects. see more at


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