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LTC T-Shirt and Other Swag Design

Topics: Private Work, Social Media, Campaigns, Brand Design

At the LTC I had a variety of opportunities to really have fun - conference swag was one of those ways! This is only a sample of the wonderful designs I while working for the Learning Technology Center. 



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Coding For Littles Poster Series

Topics: Private Work, Flyer Design, Campaigns

Let’s go on a journey to explore coding terms that you may already know by another name, in this poster series. A dark purple theme and custom lock up feature on this series of graphics created for K-2 educators and their students.



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LevelEDup Magazine at LTC

Topics: Private Work, Campaigns, Book Design

LevelEDup is a project completed while at the LTC. This magazine is a repository of all the LTC does and includes resources created by my team while working for the LTC! I created the Logo, branding, and layout design of the magazine and chose the content blocks. 



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Instructional Technology Coaching Report

Topics: Private Work, Campaigns, Brochure Design, Book Design

Instructional Technology Coaching to Enhance Professional Practice details the rationale and need for instructional technology coaches in school districts across Illinois. This report highlights the role of an instructional technology coach and the Learning Technology Center’s (LTC) Instructional Technology Coaching Program.



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Learning Technology Center of Illinois

Topics: Private Work, Social Media, Web Design, Flyer Design, Campaigns, Brochure Design, Book Design, Video

I build high-level campaigns from the ground up using HubSpot. These omnichannel marketing campaigns include creating cost-effective, on-time, high-quality designs and copy. Samples shown below. Usual materials include social posts, flyers, event materials, etc.



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The 2019 MBS Book Buyers Promotional Material Guide

Topics: Private Work

This project was massive! It included templates for the in-house print shop to customize as well as the original design and illustration in every layout.
Templates Include: Posters, Flyers, Table Tents, Social media ads, Bookmarks,
Banners, Website and social ads, and of course this booklet!



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Nexom and EDI Campaigns

Topics: Private Work, Web Design, Flyer Design, Campaigns, Brochure Design, WordPress

I created email marketing campaigns, landing pages, and tradeshow materials for EDI/ Nexom.

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Axius Water Branding and Website Design

Topics: Private Work, Web Design, WordPress, Brand Design



From 2 conversations, a backstock of good photos, and over 30 logo concepts, a brand and website are born. The new platform brand was created to house the acquisition portion of XPV investments. 

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Nexom and EDI Website

Topics: Private Work, Web Design, WordPress, Brand Design Website Project

Upon acquisition of Environmental Dynamics International ( and needed new websites.

This massive branding and integration task included Territory manager finders based on country location (yes nearly every country has an auto generated with limited individual customization and unlimited template options), integration is popular CRM software, a/b tested ads, dynamic forms and best of all a focus toward content marketing.

By improving the readability and navigation on the site we aimed to become a more inclusive business. In the past we focused hard on engineers, leaving operators and contractors wondering who to look to.

Final Product

My process

Concepts that lead the way down our path. From Wireframes to code.


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